Good News, Everyone

I officially have a website.

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The best thing about self-publishing is you get to control everything about the process.

The worst thing is you have to control everything about the process.

I did not think this through.

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Characters Are Key


For me, it doesn’t matter if a book has little to no action. Characterisation is what’s important for me. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I was completely riveted by the character of Gwendolen Harleth in Daniel Deronda, primarily because I understood her so well. If I can’t like or understand the characters, nothing will persuade me to like or enjoy a book or TV show.

Characters are key to any book, so it’s important to get them right. They don’t even have to be likeable (though that certainly helps). What they do have to be is relatable.

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I just typed ‘The End’ on the first draft.

Now I feel strangely bereft.

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I don’t need to compare myself with anyone else.

They’re not me. I’m me.

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Writing a book


It might be a teensy bit obvious that I love writing.

As a child, writing stories came easily. They didn’t have to make sense to anyone other than me. As an adult, writing a book is different. In an earlier post, I mentioned that the Day Project was undergoing an upheaval. Black Rose is going to be rewritten under a different title, and it’s going to be the second in a series.

Writing the first book is taking a fair amount of patience and a serious amount of trust and guidance. But I am seriously enjoying the process. I’ve prayed for guidance every time before writing, and every time I seem to get it.

Designing the front cover and marketing the book, however, is going to take a LOT of patience.

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Understanding Gwendolen


Two years ago (yikes) I read Daniel Deronda and was immediately caught by the character Gwendolen Harleth. She deeply intrigued me from the very first page – which was the whole point in the first place.

It was pretty easy to get a good grasp on her character in the beginning. She is beautiful (and knows it), arrogant, selfish, spoiled, vain…and for some reason, I understood her completely. I understood her frustration with Deronda and her wish to know him better, her resentment at being judged by him and longing for his approval at the same time, her desire for a better life and her uncertainty as to how to go about it. She is flawed and she’s realistic.

Maybe that’s what makes her so compelling.

I’m not sure what the fact that I identified with her says about me.

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