The playlist (part one)

I have a playlist of music for this book. Here are some of the songs I associate with the main characters.

Zara: Emotional Girl (Terri Clark)

I chose this song for Zara, the main character, because she is an emotional person, but she’s learned to conceal it. She’s also got a spirited side.

Fancy: My Name Is Trouble (Jess And The Bandits)

Fancy is sly, devious, playful, scheming and fully aware of how pretty she is. Tell me that doesn’t sound like trouble.

Nikita: The Artisan (Seth Lakeman)

This was a tricky one. Nikita is a violinist; I chose this one because (like many of Seth Lakeman’s music) it has some lovely violin playing. At least I think it’s a violin.

Rhena: Get Out (Clare Dunn)

Rhena was another hard character to find a song for. She’s quite bold and strong-willed, and she likes to have fun. This one was the best song I could associate with her personality.

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