Writing rituals

I used to be able to type stories with ease. All I had to do was just sit in front of a computer and a blank document, and I’d be off. But now it’s not so easy and that’s because I tend to get distracted by a little thing called The Internet. FF.Net and YouTube in particular.

In the book Characters, Emotions & Viewpoint, Nancy Kress points out that lot of famous writers had rituals and stimuli to get themselves in the writing mood. For instance, Agatha Christie claimed to find several plot ideas through washing dishes. Ernest Hemingway wrote standing up. Graham Greene preferred to write with a pen instead of a typewriter.

Recently, I’ve found I write best it’s a notebook, pen, my Kindle and another book beside me – except then I get distracted by the Kindle and the book.

But the words flow when I’ve got a pen in my hand.

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