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I am working on Chapters Four, Five and Six, and I have just a few questions. How do you create sensitive and emotional characters without making them whiners? A LOT of readers really don’t like whiners. How do you make … Continue reading

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No, not that David. The other one.

The Artist’s Eye When I was about thirteen, I was studying the Italian Renaissance in History. We’d been given a handout and I was leafing through it, turning the pages. And that’s when I first saw Donatello’s David. I honestly … Continue reading

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We’ve been looking for you.

Unexpected Guests I think I would have been terrified if it hadn’t looked so normal. A young man and woman were just sitting in my living room, eating two slices of cake I’m fairly certain hadn’t come from my cupboard. … Continue reading

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Hate to Love

Hate to Love The thing about guilty pleasures is that you feel guilty for enjoying them. My guilty pleasure was watching Supernatural – but now that doesn’t count because I don’t feel guilty anymore. Granted, there are plenty of times … Continue reading

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Number Three

That’s the third chapter finished. It needs some adjustments, but hey, it’s a work in progress. I’ve got a lot of time on my hands now, rather more time than I anticipated. And the story is taking a very different … Continue reading

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