Hate to Love

Hate to Love

The thing about guilty pleasures is that you feel guilty for enjoying them.

My guilty pleasure was watching Supernatural – but now that doesn’t count because I don’t feel guilty anymore. Granted, there are plenty of times when I would like the main characters to take a running jump (preferably into Vesuvius), but it’s still got some pretty good aspects.

How about watching Teen Wolf? Nope, don’t feel remotely guilty about  that. Unless it’s a certain few seconds in the fifth episode in the first series – I do feel slightly guilty for enjoying that.

Thanks a lot, you stupid shirtless werewolf.

I do enjoy reading and writing fanfiction, but again, I don’t feel guilty about it. Some part of me is saying I should.

To be honest, I don’t know if you should feel guilty about doing something you love. On the other hand, if that thing is morally and legally wrong, then by all means, please do.

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