Speaking of writing…

Write Here, Write Now

My book is not going the way I thought it would, and I honestly don’t mind that. I don’t mean it’s a really slow and painful process to actually write the flipping thing (which it can be). I mean the plot is going in a completely different direction – if it even had a direction to start with.

The characters are still the same. I’ve had them in my head for years. The only problem is finding a story to go with them. I always imagine them in different scenarios, how they would react, how they would plan. Zara’s still the main girl. Nikita’s still shy and gentle. Rhena is still the bold one. Fancy’s still the playful troublemaker.

Now they have a story, one that is developing by itself and sweeping the character along with it. But as I said, that’s OK. That’s part of the writing process, isn’t it? Anyway, the girls actually do get swept along by certain events, so I suppose that makes sense.

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