The playlist (part two)

Melrose: Who You Are (Erika Jo)

Although Rhena’s sister Melrose doesn’t play a large part in the book, she’s still an important character because of how she relates to Rhena. She’s quite a sweet, playful girl and Rhena is very protective of her. That fierce and protective streak is going to come in handy.


Just A Little Girl (Amy Studt)

These girls are clever and perceptive. It’s not a good idea to underestimate them.


Yee Haw (Jake Owen)

This is a song I associate with an acquaintance of Fancy’s. He’s carefree, with a roguish side.


Sydney: She’s A Wildflower (Lauren Alaina)

It was hard finding a song for Sydney. She’s quiet and shy, but she’s just waiting to blossom. She just doesn’t know it yet.

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