Everyone has secrets. Zara knew that.

When she was thirteen, she came home from hospital and realised something was wrong. The next day, she was told something she couldn’t believe and she couldn’t tell anybody, and not just because people wouldn’t believe her. It was because they would.

It wasn’t just her secret. But she rearranged her entire life around it.


When she was sixteen, she was out shopping with two friends when they saw something that was both astounding and terrifying. Something that was supposed to be a secret and that should have stayed a secret.

But the girls knew about it. That wasn’t going to go away.


It started with a casual question.

Zara often wondered afterwards what would have happened if she hadn’t asked it. Maybe things would have been different. Or maybe the results were inevitable, no matter what happened.

After the events of the afternoon, she had no choice but to tell. It wasn’t the best time to be keeping secrets, after all.

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