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A mask of ice

Mask She couldn’t hide it. Oh, she tried hard enough with the cool veneer, the calm arrogance and the biting words. But sometimes, the mask would crack and the real Isabel would slip through.   Luke saw her reading Timothy … Continue reading

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Get up and dance

Misplaced You know the kind of song that just makes you want to get up and dance even though you know you’ll look like an idiot? I was never the let-go-and-dance kind growing up. I always felt awkward seeing people … Continue reading

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Plans have changed. Not quite sure what’s going to happen, but the Day Project is still ongoing. I’ll let you know how it goes. Have another song.

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Landscape Here are some pictures I took on a birthday trip to Arundel. My mum and I spent the previous night at a bed and breakfast. We visited the castle, which was holding a medieval-themed day. I even got to … Continue reading

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