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Dreams and reality

Adventure Adventures. Of course Zara had loved reading about them. How could she not? She would spend hours sitting on her bed with her face buried in a book, caught up in the story within its pages. She also used … Continue reading

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Writing romance

The romance between Isabel, the main character, and Luke, a handsome Changer who doesn’t disguise his interest in her, is the secondary plot of my new book. I already know why Luke likes her. She helps him out during a … Continue reading

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The storm

Chance Encounter If she hadn’t stepped out into the night, it never would have happened. Isabel had wanted to experience some of the storm’s power for herself, to feel the rain and wind on her skin. She knew it would … Continue reading

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The shadow on the Island of Sodor

Shadow For every light, there has to be a darkness to match it. As a child, I read books, heard stories and watched films that had a lot of villains to combat the heroes. The Wicked Queen. Shere Khan. Smaug. … Continue reading

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