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Believable characters

Characters in a book don’t have to be likeable. In fact, some characters/protagonists are deliberately written to be absolutely repulsive. What is important is that you have to understand where they’re coming from, what their values are. They have to … Continue reading

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Character flaws

I’ve learned quite a few things from reading book reviews. One is that readers don’t like selfish or whiny protagonists, and they really don’t like protagonists who are selfish AND whiny. Actually giving protagonists those characteristics as flaws is very … Continue reading

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Secondary characters (yes, this is relevant to the prompt)

Sky Secondary characters are important in any story. They need to be three-dimensional just as much as the main character does. One of Isabel’s best friends is Skylar Linton – Sky for short. She’s feisty and opinionated, and she’s definitely … Continue reading

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