Secondary characters (yes, this is relevant to the prompt)


Secondary characters are important in any story. They need to be three-dimensional just as much as the main character does.

One of Isabel’s best friends is Skylar Linton – Sky for short. She’s feisty and opinionated, and she’s definitely got a gutsy side. Thing is, she also has a very large problem, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to go away. She won’t let anyone see how vulnerable she really feels inside.

No wonder she gets on so well with Isabel.

Sky is Isabel’s friend, but I really hope she doesn’t fall into the “best friend” stereotype. Hopefully she’ll be better fleshed out than that.

P.S. If you want a REALLY good example of a best friend who isn’t a “best friend”, take a look at Stiles Stilinski from Teen Wolf. He is amazing.

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4 Responses to Secondary characters (yes, this is relevant to the prompt)

  1. jotabouts says:

    So, is this a secondary character in your book?


  2. jotabouts says:

    I guess the best thing I can think of is something I’ve heard before. “Pretend every characters the main character.” After all, just because I’d be best for Isabel if Skylar did something specific, doesn’t mean she would. By allowing Skylar to be selfish on specific matters/ things it should allow her to pull away from the “best friend” stereotype and stand as her own person. What do you think?


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