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Quitting while I’m ahead

Fierce I was thinking about writing a sequel to ‘Cheating Venom’ to continue Diane’s story. It would have been along the lines of her waking up in the Dragon HQ, meeting the rest of the Dragons properly and worrying about … Continue reading

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Cheating venom

Cheat I tell Amber I’m feeling fine. “Are you sure?” “I took the medicine, like Kacy said. Hey, is all her sleepwear as nice as this?” I pluck at the nightdress I’m currently wearing; it’s black, with a red rose … Continue reading

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Calm sea

Designed for You Some years ago, my family went on holiday to France via the ferry. The journey there was…rough. I have been known to get sick in cars and on ferries; unfortunately, the journey to France was one of … Continue reading

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Angel of mercy

Apology “Is that him?” Rhena asked, pointing at the solitary figure. Fancy had forgotten her friends hadn’t actually met Gabe. She’d known Gabe and the girls for so long, and they had never met. They were about to. Fancy knew … Continue reading

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