Sugar and ice

Writing attraction is hard. It’s also quite difficult getting the pace of the attraction right; I really don’t want it to come across as rushed.

Isabel meets Luke in the prologue. She meets him again in Chapter Four, but doesn’t recognise him. They interact in other chapters, but it’s not until Kim, Isabel’s bodyguard, points out in Chapter Eight that Luke is attractive that Isabel realises she’s right. Trouble is, now she’s acknowledged it she can’t stop noticing it. It frustrates her. Also, she thinks she needs to be behaving in a certain way and as a future Lady, she does.

To be honest, Isabel is starting to frustrate me. The idea was that she would have a ‘sugar and ice’ personality; in fact, she’s mostly all sugar but wants certain people to think she’s ice. She believes she has to be ice in order to fulfill her future duties and be strong.

The trouble with ice is that it melts. And she’s melting a lot quicker than both of us would like.

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