Why I liked Toni Bevell at first

Conventional Wisdon

Warning: if you’re a fan of Supernatural, you might not want to read this.

In the series finale of Season Eleven of Supernatural, we were introduced to Lady Antonia Bevell, also known as Toni. She works for the British branch of the Men of Letters. She’s got quite a few things to say to one of our protagonists:

“We’ve been watching you, Sam. What you’ve done, the damage you’ve caused – archangels, Leviathans, the Darkness, and now, well – the old men have decided enough’s enough. I mean, let’s face it, Sam. You’re just a jumped up hunter playing with things you don’t understand and causing more harm than good.”

She is hated by the fandom, and I can see why. However, there is one teensy-weensy but ever so crucial little tiny problem.

She’s absolutely right.

Sam and Dean Winchester have gallons of innocent blood on their hands, deliberately shed and otherwise. They have literally gotten away with murder when it comes to possessed people and they just shrug it off as if they’ve thrown away an empty beer can instead of a person’s life.

And they have caused serious damage. Starting the Apocalypse was accidental, yes, but leaving the gates of Hell open and unleashing the Darkness were NOT. They are a serious threat to the world’s safety and wanting to stop them is a legitimate move.

Unfortunately, that went straight out of the window with the Season Twelve opening. But hey. It was good while it lasted.

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