The Girl In Black


Luke knew Percy had a sister. He’d talked about her often enough. Merissa had mentioned meeting the girl and giving her the message. She’d also mentioned how Miss Monray had reacted on receiving it.

When he saw Merissa heading down the path, a girl in black walking beside her, he hurried to catch up with them. After hugging Merissa, he turned to introduce himself to the girl – Percy’s sister – and felt shock like he never had before.

He’d never forgotten her: the way she’d quickly covered for him that night, or the cool and arrogant way she’d looked at him before and after seeing the tattoo. She’d changed. They both had. But she looked at him as if she’d never seen him before, and couldn’t understand why he was staring at her like that.

Then, later on, she saw the tattoo again.

“You didn’t recognise me, did you?”

“No. You’ve…changed quite a bit.”

She blushed, but she met his eyes.


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