I have lived in my imagination since I was five years old. That was when I was given a notepad; each page had lines for a story and space above for a picture.

If this was Inside Out, that would have been when Story Island was created. There have been other Islands, but Story Island hasn’t gone anywhere and I hope it never will.

People live on Story Island, people I know as well as I do myself. Some of them don’t even come from my own imagination – they just like to visit now and again. The Islanders are always prepared for new arrivals.

There’s Isabel Monray, defrosting ice queen and the last blood member of the Monray family. Zara Vavasor, Rhena de Havilland, Nikita Orovna and Fancy Mylar, who keep on doing crazy things but can’t seem to settle into a story of their own (yet). There’s Emilia (Milly) Costello, who is patiently for her story to develop. And there are the other Islanders – Lia Whyteleafe, Marsella Layden, Diane and the Lions, Vipsania – who all have their own stories and worlds.

Story Island is going to keep on growing, and there’s so much there to be discovered.

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3 Responses to Islanders

  1. Life After Fifty. says:

    in a great story; Islands allures to freedom, A Queen is the symbol of Luxury..


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  3. Good evening, Thank you for reading my blog today. I’m pleased you liked what you read. It is encouraging to get feedback. Grateful,


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