You know the kind of kid who might as well have trouble for a middle name?

If you (or your son/daughter) watches Fireman Sam, you may be familiar with the name Norman Price. That kid causes so much trouble, regardless of whether or not he means to.

Then there’s the kid who you suspect is trouble, but you can’t actually prove anything. In my stories, those girls are called Frankie Jamison and Fancy Mylar. You know: the mischievous and playful kind who pushes the boundaries just a little too far – and gets away with it.

As a child, I wished I could be just a little bit naughtier. I used to imagine sneaking out of my bedroom window at night and going exploring in the countryside. Looking back now, I realise I probably could have gotten away with it because who would ever have suspected someone like me of doing something like that?

Out of interest, who do you think is the biggest pest: Norman Price, the Weasley twins, Horrid Henry or Dennis the Menace?

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2 Responses to Troublemakers

  1. Kate says:

    My son has had a couple of friends that remind me of Dennis the Menace. They even have blonde hair.

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  2. I enjoyed the humor of Weasley twins in the movies, but could see them getting on my nerves if I was around them all the time. Fun post!

    check out mine if you want 🙂


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