Candyfloss Kisses


It wasn’t supposed to happen like this.

It was the only way Leo would get more visitors at the facility. Avrel was the only member of his family who would visit him and…well, if Sami was being honest, they needed Leo’s help.

So Sami suggested she pose as Leo’s girlfriend. He’d spent three months at the facility and was now allowed unsupervised and more frequent visits as a reward for good behaviour.

Leo was surprised to see her when she first arrived. He was even more surprised (although he never showed it to the guards) to learn he had a “girlfriend”, but as Sami and Avrel’s visits continued, he gave them the help they needed.

Sami learned more about Leo as his “girlfriend” than she ever did as his sister’s friend. She learned he liked browsing through books he would randomly take off the library shelves. His favourite treat was candyfloss ice cream. He secretly nicknamed one of the guards “Sir Eatsalot”, and now all the other inmates called him that (never to his face). He was sad that his parents never visited him. He worried he’d disappointed them so badly they would never see him again even after his sentence was over.

He loved the way her hair looked today.


“Hey,” Sami said as soon as Leo walked in the visitor’s area. “Look what I got you.” She held up the tiny box of candyfloss ice cream.

“Are you serious?” Leo’s eyes lit up. They retreated to the library so he could enjoy the bounty in peace. The guard had been suspicious when she saw the little tub; she relaxed on seeing the seal was unbroken.

He peeled back the lid. “I haven’t had this for ages. Thanks, Sami.”

Sami watched Leo eat the ice cream. She couldn’t keep from smiling when she saw how much he was enjoying it. What kind of food did he have to eat here? She wasn’t sure she wanted to find out.

Leo was about halfway through the tub when he suddenly stopped eating and looked at her. Slowly, he scooped a helping of ice cream up and held it out to her. Sami took the spoon without her fingers brushing against his. She slipped it into her mouth.

No wonder he loved it so much.

She hadn’t taken her eyes off his.

Then they were both leaning forward and she was tasting the sweetness on his lips.

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