Writing a book


It might be a teensy bit obvious that I love writing.

As a child, writing stories came easily. They didn’t have to make sense to anyone other than me. As an adult, writing a book is different. In an earlier post, I mentioned that the Day Project was undergoing an upheaval. Black Rose is going to be rewritten under a different title, and it’s going to be the second in a series.

Writing the first book is taking a fair amount of patience and a serious amount of trust and guidance. But I am seriously enjoying the process. I’ve prayed for guidance every time before writing, and every time I seem to get it.

Designing the front cover and marketing the book, however, is going to take a LOT of patience.

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3 Responses to Writing a book

  1. fabulousread says:

    When did you start writing?


    • I got the basic ideas down last November. It took a fair amount of planning and serious writing starting in December.

      If you mean the actual age when I started writing stories, I was about four or five (maybe!).

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      • fabulousread says:

        I’ve started writing in 2016 and still haven’t finished. It is a long journey indeed. I have wrote a similar post regarding writing and setting goals – a couple of days before the one word prompt was out. Feel free to check it out. Happy writing and all the best!


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