The Hogwarts Oneshots: The Sorting

“Costello, Emilia!”

Nerves rose up in Milly’s throat, threatening to choke her. Swallowing them down, she walked forward, deliberately keeping her eyes on the space between the Hat and the stool beneath. Her last thought as the Hat was lowered onto her head was that she wasn’t going to be scared.

That’s the idea, a voice said.

Milly nearly jumped out of her skin. She clutched the edge of the stool tightly.

Hmm, you are a tricky one. Let’s see…you’re a clever girl and a compassionate one. But you’ve got a gutsy side to you as well.

Had she?

Yes. And…you’ve got a hunger. You want more for yourself, but you don’t know precisely what it is you want yet. So, where to put you? Where would you do best?

Bravery. Friendship. Knowledge. Ambition. It was an impossible choice, and it wasn’t even hers to make.

Except…wouldn’t she find all four of those things no matter where she ended up? Her House didn’t determine who she was. What mattered was who she became.

Oh, very wise, Miss Costello. Very wise indeed.



“Da Lange, Avrel!”

Leo squeezed Avrel’s shoulder. She tried not to look back at him as she walked towards the stool. She didn’t look at him as she felt the Hat settling on her head.

I do love Sorting twins, the Hat said. It’s always interesting seeing if they belong in the same House or different ones.

Avrel wondered where she belonged.

You are not your brother, Miss da Lange. But you do have a strong loyalty about you. If someone wins your respect and friendship, they’ve got an ally for life. I know just where to put you.



“Jamison, Francesca!”

Frankie walked boldly towards the stool. She sat down and kept perfectly still as the Hat descended.

You’re a bold one, aren’t you? And sneaky. You’re reckless, but clever enough not to get caught. You’re a lion and a serpent.

Frankie had been expecting Jack to be Sorted into Gryffindor. Judging from the look on his face as the Hat was removed, he was just as surprised as she was that he’d been placed in Slytherin.

Careless disregard for the rules is not courage. You, on the other hand, do have courage. There’s a definite spark inside you. Let’s see if we can fan that into a flame.



“Morel, Samara!”

Samara sat down, closed her eyes and waited, remembering her grandmother’s words before she left home. She was resigned to her fate.

It doesn’t have to be like that, you know, the Hat murmured. You don’t have to be a Slytherin. Others have chosen not to take that path. But Slytherin House is remaking itself. The past doesn’t determine the future, and you have a chance to make the future. Reshape Slytherin’s legacy. What do you think?

Samara smiled. Challenge accepted.

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