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Ash Lockwood And The Problems Of Love Interests

When writing for a specific type of genre, it’s important to read books from the genre itself. That way, you can decide for yourself what you like or don’t like about that genre. Since Isabel’s story (which STILL doesn’t have … Continue reading

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It made sense in context 

I’ve mentioned a few times that this blog is inspired by and named for Felicia Day. Her book You’re Never Weird On The Internet (Almost) is a fantastic read. In the chapter that talks about the writing process of The Guild … Continue reading

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It’s funny where inspiration comes from. xxx In one episode of BBC’s The Musketeers, Porthos is preparing to shoot a melon off Aramis’ head (don’t ask). Athos and d’Artagnan have the following exchange: Athos: Don’t worry. He’s done this shot … Continue reading

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Original fiction

Original Writing fanfiction is a lot easier than writing original fiction. With fanfiction, you’re borrowing characters and places from other people. You know who these characters are; you know when they’re acting out of character (at least, you think you … Continue reading

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For a moment, I wondered if I was too old to still be writing fanfiction. And then I realised… Writing fanfiction is something I enjoy doing. And I will keep doing it until I no longer like it.

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Quitting while I’m ahead

Fierce I was thinking about writing a sequel to ‘Cheating Venom’ to continue Diane’s story. It would have been along the lines of her waking up in the Dragon HQ, meeting the rest of the Dragons properly and worrying about … Continue reading

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Cheating venom

Cheat I tell Amber I’m feeling fine. “Are you sure?” “I took the medicine, like Kacy said. Hey, is all her sleepwear as nice as this?” I pluck at the nightdress I’m currently wearing; it’s black, with a red rose … Continue reading

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